Dog Seat Belt Unhappiness

In this video, the dog Rocco voices his displeasure about wearing a dog seat belt. He looks really miserable doesn’t he?

For Rocco, I would recommend that his humans get him a dog car seat. I think that part of Rocco’s unhappiness is because just using a dog seat belt leaves him sitting too low to see out the window.

Also, I wonder how they introduced Rocco to his seat belt. Not all dogs will immediately take to wearing a dog safety belt or dog car harness. If Rocco is food or treat motivated, they should reward him for wearing the harness (without complaining!) so that he associates wearing it with a pleasurable thing. Positive reinforcement goes a long way in animal training.

Dog Car Seat

Snoozer Lookout Dog Car Seat

Dog Car Seat: Keeping your dog safe and comfortable

The addition of a dog car seat for traveling with your dog in your auto or truck makes the trip more enjoyable for your small dog.


Instead of hunkering down or jumping up to try to see out the window, your small dog can ride in comfort. Dog car seats are like adding a cozy dog bed to the back seat of your car. The most popular pet seats are cushioned and are covered in soft material.

Your dog can sit up in safety and comfort, or lie down in their car bed. Either way, your dog will be more comfortable in a car seat than just sliding around on the back seat of your vehicle.

Viewing Pleasure:

Dog car seats have a base that will have your dog sitting up to nine inches above the seat of your vehicle. This means that instead of lying and looking at the back of the front seat, or trying to balance themselves while looking out the window, your dog can sit comfortably and enjoy the view. And if the window is open a bit, they can take pleasure in the wind in their face – pure joy for most dogs!

Ease of Use:

You can easily install your pet car seat by threading the vehicle’s seat belt through the car seat’s seat belt slots.

When it is time to get your dog into their car seat, just attach the car seat’s safety tether to your dog’s harness.


There is a wide variety of car seats for dogs available. They come in different grades of cushioning and fabrics.

Some, like the Booster Dog Car Seat, even come with a heater to keep your dog warm during the cold winter months.

One of the most popular dog car seats is the Snoozer Lookout line of pet car seats. These have a foam form covered by quilted material on the outside and a lamb wool interior.

My friends got this for their dog Higgins because he used to get car sick. Being able to look out the window cured him of that and made him happy to go for rides.

Your small dog deserves to ride in comfort and safety and to enjoy the ride – make your dog happy by getting them a dog car seat.

Dog Not Wearing Seat Belt

On Monday, May 10, 2010, the car a beloved family beagle was riding in was involved in an accident.

The accident occurred in Overland Park, Kansas, a suburb of Kansas City. Thankfully none of the humans were seriously hurt in the rollover accident.

And although the dog did survive, he is missing.

After the accident, he bolted in fright and confusion. This is a situation that could have been prevented if the dog had been wearing a dog seat belt or dog car harness.

The family is distraught worrying about their dog and are asking everyone in the area to be on the look out for their pet.

The accident happened at northbound U.S. 69 at Blue Valley Parkway. If you’ve seen the beagle, Overland Park police want you to call 913-895-6300 or contact the animal control unit at 913-895-6420.

No one ever counts on being involved in an accident, but they do happen. In case of your being involved in an accident with your dog, doesn’t it make sense to keep him safe and secure by using a dog seat belt?

P.S. Check this out for your dog’s safety ~

The Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Harness is a great option for your dog’s safety.

Tru-Fit Smart Harness, Large, Black

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Dog Seat Belts Supported by Allstate

Wearing Dog Seat Belt & Enjoying Ride

Wearing Dog Seat Belt & Enjoying Ride

In a recent press release from its pet travel safety site – Vehicle Vibes – Allstate Insurance Company stated its support of dog seat belts.

Here is the press release in its entirety:

Fastening Fido’s Seatbelt: Why Buckling Up Your Pet Is a Smart Move

If drivers buckle up children to keep them safe, why not buckle up the family pet? While seat-belting Fido or Fluffy may sound far fetched, it’s actually a way to help reduce auto accidents as well as keeping your furry friends from harm.

PR Log (Press Release) – Apr 15, 2010 – If drivers buckle up children to keep them safe, why not buckle up the family pet? While seat-belting Fido or Fluffy may sound far fetched, it’s actually a way to help reduce auto accidents as well as keeping your furry friends from harm. Now that’s something to chew on!

Whether it’s a trip to the vet or a cross-country vacation drive, it’s a good idea to make sure that everyone – including the family pet – buckles up for safety. National safety statistics reveal that the number of pets riding in cars is at an all-time high, and the majority are traveling unrestrained.

“Many pets are considered family members, and just like young children, they must completely rely on the driver’s wisdom to be safe inside the car,” said Allstate New York spokesperson Krista Conte. “Pet passenger restraints aren’t that expensive, but they can be invaluable in protecting both pets and passengers.”

Pet product firms – and even car companies – have been developed a multitude of pet auto accessories, from chin protectors for dogs that like to hang out of windows, and doggie car seats that double as pet beds, to backseat hammocks, special bird carriers, designer carry bags for cats, and ramps that enable older pets to climb stairs into SUVs. Basic dog seatbelts costing anywhere from $10-$30 will properly restrain dogs while still allowing Fido’s nose to stick out the window.

Conte says even pets that are always well-behaved during car rides can just as easily be the victim of a crash as the instigator of one. Regardless of an accident’s cause, an animal can become a deadly flying projectile upon impact (a 60-pound dog can cause an impact of 2,700 pounds), resulting in harm to itself and other passengers.

Demonstrating love by properly restraining pets in automobiles will provide a safer and more focused environment for the driver, passengers and surrounding vehicles by preventing the animal from:

•   Blocking rear window views
•   Roaming between seats and jumping between the front and back seats
•   Tearing and clawing upholstery
•   Noticing other animals in cars or near the road that results in ongoing barking
•   Escaping through an open door or window

Most importantly, never allow a pet to sit on your lap when driving. “Many of the same common-sense rules motorists use to protect children in a car also apply to animals,” said Conte. “People don’t drive with a child in their lap, and shouldn’t do so with animals. You can show all the affection you want to your pet, but wait until you get home so you’re not compromising the safety of yourself and surrounding motorists.”

Allowing pets to become familiar and comfortable with being inside a vehicle before taking them on a journey plays an important role in reducing their anxiety when the wheels actually begin to roll. The calmer an animal is riding in a car, the less of a distraction it’s likely to be. If an incident should occur in which a driver’s dog bites another individual during a car trip, the driver’s homeowner’s insurance policy would cover any resulting injuries.

To learn more about pet travel safety, visit Allstate’s Vehicle Vibes, or the company’s information center.

PS Have you bought your dog seat belt or dog car harness yet?

Keep Your Dog Happy and Healthy

Dogs wearing Easy Rider dog car harness

Dogs wearing Easy Rider dog car harness

Julie Damron, a veterinarian at Sierra Veterinary Clinic in Stockton offers tips to keep your pets happy and healthy in the new year on . One of her suggestions involves traveling safely with your dog in your car, SUV or truck. Julie advocates the use of a dog seat belt as an option for securing your dog in your auto.

Julie says:

“Have a safe way to transport your pet in the car. A carrier works well for small dogs and cats, and it can be secured into the seat. This is important protection in a car accident. Seatbelt harnesses are also available, as are crates that can be secured. A dog that rides in the back of the truck must be tethered to stop him or her from jumping or falling out.”

Julie has many other good basic pet health tips that can your pet live a longer, happier and healthier life.

P.S.  The dogs in this photo are wearing the Easy Rider Dog Car Harness. It comes in 4 sizes so you can choose the one that is the best fit for your dog.

dog car harness, dog car seat belt, dog seat belt, Easy Rider, Easy Rider dog harness

How is your dog diet

Are you feeding your dog a healthy dog diet?

Many owners over feed their dogs as evidenced by the large number of overweight dogs. In the US, 33 million dogs are estimated to be overweight, with 7.2 million of them being carrying enough excess weight to be deemed obese.

Here is a unique calculator that will help you understand how many calories your dog needs every day depending on things like your dog’s age, weight, activity level etc. It will also help you determine how many cups of food you should be feeding your dog every day.

Dog Calorie Calculator by TrainPetDog

Brought to you by The Dog Training Institute and Canine Cuisine ~

Canine Cuisine

Canine Cuisine

Dog Safety Ignored

Lower Gallatin River near Manhattan, Montana M...
Image via Wikipedia

The headline reads -

Man drives truck into Gallatin River; dog dies

This was a story reported on December 5, 2009 in the Bozeman Daily Chroinicle, a newspaper covering Southwest Montana.

According to the authorities, the driver was driving too fast for the icy road conditions and lost control of his Toyota Tacoma truck.

The truck plunged into the Gallatin River. The driver, who was wearing his seatbelt survived with no injuries.

His mixed breed dog was not so lucky. The dog was not wearing a dog seat belt or dog car harness and was thrown from the truck. It is believed that the dog’s neck was broken when he hit the water. I am hoping that he died instantly and felt no pain and terror.

I really hate hearing these stories…

While no one can say for sure that the dog would have survived had he been wearing some type of dog seat belt harness or other safety restraint, but the odds would have been in his favor. Without one, he had no chance of survival.

P.S. If you do not use a dog seat belt or similar restraint, please get one now. Your dog deserves it!

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Dog Car Seat Belts for Holiday Travel

Many families travel by car or truck during the holidays to visit family and friends. They often take their dog along for the road trip. Of course everyone counts on a safe journey to and from home.Jack Russell wearing a dog seatbelt

By taking a few extra precautions, you can help to insure that your travels are safer for you and your dog.

The number one safe practice you can do is to make sure your dog is comfortably restrained in the back seat. This can easily be accomplished with a dog seat belt or dog car harness. As mentioned here before, never let your dog ride in the front seat where there is an airbag. If the airbag deploys in the event of an accident, your dog could be seriously injured.

If you are riding in an SUV and use a pet barrier to keep your dog in the back section, you should still secure your dog. Put on their dog harness and attach it to the hooks in the floor.

If you opt for a dog carrier, make sure that the carrier is fastened to a seatbelt.

Other tips are to make sure your dog is wearing an ID tag that includes current information on how to contact you. We strongly recommend that you have your dog micro chipped as well. If you need to update your contact information in the PETtrac Database for the microchip, you can do so at AVID.

You should also have a photo of your dog available in case they do get lost during your travels. A picture can help others help you look for your dog and if necessary to post a lost flyer.

If you don’t already have a dog safety restraint plan for traveling with your dog, get one now for safe and pleasant travels with your dog.

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Dog Training – The Three Ps

Black Lab Puppy

A guest post from the Potty Training Puppies Info Blog

Whether you are potty training puppies, teaching your dog to fetch or getting them used to a dog seat belt or dog car harness, there are three key elements that will make training easier on all…Patience, Persistence and Positive re-enforcement.

Patience:  Dogs have limited attention spans so training of any kind will require patience on your part.

Persistence:  You will be repeating some steps over and over.  Remember the old saying ‘practice makes perfect’ when you are doing the same thing over and over.

Positive Reinforcement:  You must maintain a positive attitude throughout the training sessions.  It is very important that you never scold your dog.  When he or she doesn’t get a step of the training right, just start over again.  And, when they finally get things right, lavish them with praise.

The three Ps also apply when you’re introducing new elements into your dog’s life.  Things such as a new style of training collar, a new style leash or a dog seat belt are items that you need to help your dog get used to.

Some dogs will accept changes without problem but others will require your patience, persistence and positive re-enforcement. Just remember the three Ps and apply them to any and all training for your dog and you and your dog will have a happier and have a healthier relationship.

Dog Presumed Dead in Car Accident



This is a story about Ella, the dog that was recently published by the American Humane Association. For those of you unfamiliar with this association, they have been protecting children and animals since 1877.

Here is Ella’s story:

Dog Builds ‘Nest’ From Injured Family’s Possessions

When Kathy, an animal shelter worker in Tennessee, spotted an emaciated Rottweiler along the side of a highway, she figured the dog was a stray or had been cruelly abandoned there.

But Kathy soon realized that there was something different about “Ella.” Ella was friendly and eager for attention — behavior that is unusual for either a stray or an abused animal. She had clearly been loved by someone.

There were more clues in the wooded area just off the highway. Kathy discovered a “nest” where Ella had been sleeping. It was strewn with someone’s personal items, including a toothbrush, razor, comb and candle.

Then Kathy remembered something crucial. A few weeks earlier, a terrible car wreck had taken place on the highway…very close to where Ella had made her makeshift home.

Could Ella have been in the car? Was it possible that she had survived the crash and gathered the items thrown from her family’s car? Was she now loyally waiting for someone’s return?

Ella's Nest

Ella's Nest

Help Pets Separated From Suffering Families

Kathy’s hunch soon proved true. She contacted the state’s highway patrol authorities and learned that a single car had flipped over and landed on the side of the road near Ella’s “nest.” A family of five had been in the car. Some members had been hospitalized, but they all survived.

Rescuers had never seen Ella, who had either been thrown from the car or ran from it. The dog foraged on her own for a few weeks, drinking from a drainage ditch and patiently waiting for beloved family members who thought their special pet was dead!

American Humane stepped in when they learned that the family’s medical bills had caused tremendous financial strain. Unfortunately, the family had moved to a home that did not allow pets. They provided a critical grant to Kathy’s animal shelter to help fund Ella’s care.

Though unable to bring Ella back into their home at this time, the family was thrilled to see her and hopes to be reunited for good in the future. Meanwhile, Ella is living safely and comfortably in a loving foster home.

Luckily, this story has a happy ending. But it could have ended quite differently and tragically. Ella could have run into oncoming traffic and been killed. She could have wandered for miles and far away from where anyone would know how to help her find her family. She could have encountered a wild animal that could have inflicted wounds on her that given the conditions she was living under would have become infected and she could have been subjected to a slow painful death.

Ella has happily been saved after quite an ordeal. Don’t let this potentially happen to your dog in the case of an accident. Buy your dog a dog seat belt or dog car harness and insure their safety.

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